Even though you are  entrusting your  household goods and  personal effects  to us as a professional mover, there is a possibility of  loss or damage while your  shipment is exposed to  the  rigors of  international transport.  Moving  companies, shipping  lines and air lines have limited liability for  loss or damage.

Our Insurance Certificate is especially designed to  insure household goods,  personal effects,  antiques,  fine  arts,  and   automobiles  for  international  transit.  

Insurance Coverage is “ All Risk “ , on a door-to-door basis

Insurance coverage is based on your statement of the value of your goods and for that purpose,        we kindly ask you to prepare a detailed valued list as follows:

            example           Article                          Number                        Replacement Value

                                     Chairs                               6                                     US$ 1200


Because  it  is  difficult   to  acquire  knowledge  about   the  cost  of   replacement  at destination,  we suggest that  you use the  relative cost  of living differences  between your origin and destination.  For instance, if you are moving to Tokyo and  its cost of living is 170% higher of North America,  then that factor needs to be  applied to your origin  values.     In   other  words,  if   your  origin  values  total   US $ 40,000   then the new  value  170 %  x 40,000 = US$ 68,000  should  be at Tokyo , and  using  that should  provide sufficient  insurance for goods at final destination.

Please remember that in all cases, insurance protection is never higher than  the value you declare and items that are not declared at all are not insured.   Insurance coverage        CAN NOT be put in place without a  complete detailed  valued list and  it is essential that we receive it prior to the start of packing for the move.

* Any item or set over US$ 500 Value must be listed separately.

* The detailed valued list must be signed.