FAQ English

FAQ English

Prior to moving, many questions cross your mind. Maybe you will find some of the answers here.

How long before I am planning to move should I contact the removal company?
It is best to contact the removal company as early as possible. 2 months before moving is ideal.

How long in advance do I need to inform the removal company of my desired packing dates?
To enable us to meet your requirements and the exact dates you desire, it is best to let us know 3-4 weeks in advance.

How long will you need to be in my home packing?
This depends on the volume and the destination of your household, the type of packing requirements as well as the access to your residence. For a typical 4 bedroom home moving overseas we need an average of 2.5 days.

Why do I need to have someone come to my home to perform a pre-move survey?
From the pre-move survey we are able to establish the volume and the type of goods you want to ship as well as determine if any specialised packing is required. We will also assess the access to the residence to determine whether special requirements / parking permits need to be arranged for the loading. This will mean that you will receive an accurate quote for your move. Our qualified surveyor will also use this time to define your needs; give you information about timing, customs requirements and other possible relevant information.

How much does it cost to move with DOMEX Ltd.?
This question cannot be answered easily. The following elements are key to the pricing of a move: volume of the shipment, destination, services needed, timing required, particularities such as antiques, collector's items, pets, motor cars, etc. We recommend a pre-move survey which allows us to estimate the volume, get important information about your needs and give you possible solutions.

What does a pre-move survey cost?
The pre-move survey is free of charge. Based on a pre-move survey, you will receive our quotation within 3 working days. 

What happens at customs clearance?
As an expert in international moving, DOMEX is familiar with all the requirements with regards to customs clearance, the products allowed or prohibited in the various countries, the formalities needed and the costs involved.

Are there any household belongings that cannot be moved?
The rules and regulations depend on the country of destination. In most countries the following goods are either prohibited or limited: food, alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms and ammunition, pornographic material, motorcars, pets, dangerous goods (flammable, acid, corrosive, explosive) and products from endangered species. New and unused items are usually not considered as 'removal goods' and are therefore subject to taxes and duties. There are additional requirements on other goods in particular countries. Please always contact DOMEX in case of any doubt.

What can I import into Lebanon as part of my shipment?
All used household goods that have been in your possession for at least the last 6 months can be imported free of duties and taxes, provided you can submit all necessary documents to Lebanese Customs Authorities. The importation of weapons and ammunition requires an import permit.

How can we be sure to select a quality moving company?
There are big differences with regards to the services offered by different moving companies. A good indication is the competence of the surveyor who visits your residence. You can also judge by the responsiveness of the company. If you have to wait more than a week for your quote, be careful. If the company is not a member of the national and international association of moving companies, be careful.

How can I compare quotes?
A few suggestions:

  • Make sure the quote is transparent. It should list all elements that are included and those excluded.
  • Make sure, you have all elements in writing.
  • Compare the volumes estimated by the different service providers that you have invited to quote. Quotes that are far below and far above average, should be looked at very closely.

Is it necessary to insure the household goods shipment?
Yes! While all the efforts are made for excellent protection of your goods, there are many influences during the transport from door-to-door that cannot be controlled by the moving company. Be sure to examine closely the insurance package that is suggested to you. There are big differences in premiums and in the coverage.

Is the moving company responsible/liable for damage to the household goods?
It is recommended that you take out transport insurance from door-to-door. The liability of the moving company is limited by the terms and conditions of the contract.