Our Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a services leader in the moving and storage industry by providing innovative & outstanding solutions that satisfy our clients in every way.

DOMEX’s Values and Business Goals are designed to help us achieve our Vision.

The inner circle = the cultural values and behaviours we strive to encourage are PRIDE.
The outer circle = the goals we are determined to achieve as a business.

Our Values


To work proactively, through regular communication, anticipating outcomes and planning ahead.  Never assume or leave anything to chance.


To show respect for our customers, work colleagues, our community and the environment.  To understand how each of our roles are part of something much larger and that every action has an outcome.


To strive for continual improvement and find new and better ways of doing things. To embrace change and learning.  To promote ideas that create value and enhance the DOMEX.


To spend time to fully understand the needs of our customers and the requirements of each situation.  To pay attention to details and persevere in the pursuit of excellence.


To do the right thing.