Vehicle Shipping Guide

Vehicle Shipping Guide

If you decide to transfer your vehicle, here is a checklist to prepare for it:

  1. Prior to the Move
  2. On the Loading Day
  3. At Delivery

Prior to the Move

  • Check the volume of gas/petrol in the vehicle. We recommend that you keep it at approximately quarter of a tank.  You will be charged according to the weight of the vehicle so if the tank is full during the move, this may present unnecessary risks and charges for you.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged and securely mounted.
  • Check that your radiator has an appropriate amount of antifreeze and that there are no oil or other leaks.
  • If necessary, prepare the vehicle for the new climate including a check of antifreeze and coolant levels. Service your car before your move to ensure that all is in working order.
  • Remove or protect any loose parts such as spoilers, lights, antennas, mirrors, ground effects, spare tires and car covers.
  • Wash your vehicle; it will make inspecting the vehicle easier on the day of the move.
  • Remove any valuable items or documents, including removable CD players, car phones, GPS systems, antennas, and garage door openers.


On the Loading Day

  • De-activate the alarm system; it may save you time and money. For various reasons, your alarm is likely to be activated during the move. This will increase the likelihood of your vehicle being unable to start when it is delivered.
  • Check your vehicle carefully with your removals company before the start of the move. Document all scratches and various details relating to the vehicle’s condition. You may want to take photos of your vehicle as evidence of the condition of your car before the move.
  • Provide a complete set of keys to your mover, accessing the ignition, glove box and petrol tank. However, make sure you keep a duplicate of the entire set of keys with you during the move.


At Delivery

  • Check the vehicle’s condition and look for any damage that was not documented when you handed it in. You may also want to compare this against the photos you took on the day of the move.
  • If your vehicle is to be delivered after dark you may want to re-schedule the delivery until the following day to inspect it in daylight. Allocate enough time when collecting your vehicle so that you can inspect it properly.