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PACKING "The Gentle Touch"
One of the most critical aspects of an overseas move is the quality of the packing. At DOMEX, we choose our packing staff and the quality of our materials with infinite care. As specialists in international moving, naturally enough all of our packing teams are fully trained and fully experienced in the delicate art of moving your valued possessions. At destination, your household effects are unpacked by our agents with equal care and placed as and where you may direct.

All packing takes place in your home using only the best available materials. When our packers arrive the foreman will identify himself and take a short tour of the home with you, to identify any particular items requiring special care and to agree with you a schedule of packing that meets your needs, such as packing the beds last.

All of the materials that we utilize are specifically designed to protect your effects whilst in transit. For example, all furniture is packed with bubble pack. A layer of corrugated cardboard on top of the blankets then additionally protects any polished furniture.

We have a wide range of cartons available ranging from book, china, lampshade, parts boxes, and linen to lay flat wardrobes. In addition, we will use upright wardrobes for hanging clothing for sea or road moves.

Fragile items such as china, glass and ornaments are individually wrapped in either "bubble pack", or white paper (depending on the item) and then packed in double wall export cartons.

Any item requiring specialist care such as antiques or paintings will be packed in internal wooden crates measured exactly to fit and protect the individual items.

Each carton and piece of furniture is then individually labelled utilizing our computerized labelling system and then a full packing inventory is compiled.